Quickbooks Pro

Whether you are already using Quickbooks Pro or need to be set up for the first time, we are ready to help. As members of the Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program, we are able to help our clients receive discounts on the purchase of software and supplies from Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks.


If you prefer, FRS can be responsible for all of the banking functions. We can take your deposits to the bank on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or simply record your activity after the fact. We can also facilitate the setup of online banking if this is not already in place.

Accounts Receivable/Payable

FRS will manage your Accounts Receivable/Payable and help your business maintain a steady cash flow. We can invoice your clients through Quickbooks Pro, assist with your collections practices, and provide you with up-to-date status reports. We will also enter your vendor invoices, pay the outstanding bills, and print your checks in a timely manner to avoid late charges and penalties.


FRS can calculate and maintain all payroll functions through Quicbooks Pro. This includes timely payments of all payroll taxes (Federal, State, Local) and the preparation of quarterly payroll tax reports. We will also prepare the W-2’s and the annual reconciliations at the end of the year. We can also assist with the setup of direct deposit if you wish to provide this service for your employees. If your company uses a payroll services, we will promptly record your payroll activity in the general ledger based on the reports provided by the payroll service.

Bank Reconciliation

Monthly bank account reconciliations are important in every business to verify that all activity has been recorded properly. We will confirm the accuracy of your bank statement details, deposits made into your account and withdrawals from your account. We will identify any problems and then make any necessary adjustments to correct for those items.

Year End Financial Information

At the end of the fiscal year, FRS assists our clients by minimizing the workload on their accountant. We put together a thorough package that includes all of the supporting documentation to aid in the preparation of the appropriate tax return. We are also available to the accountants offices if they have questions about the information sent to them and can be contacted via email or by phone.

Tabs3/TAS Billing

At FRS, we are proficient in TABS 3, the award-winning industry standard for legal billing software. TABS 3 works in conjunction with TAS (Trust Accounting Software) which can be linked to work together with TABS 3 so that clients know at the end of each billing statement how much retainer they have left. TABS 3 also allows for many useful reports for our attorney clients such as Client Ledger Reports, Collection Reports, Recap of Attorney Hours, etc.